Whale sharks is the biggest fish of the ocean and the south of Ari Atoll is a great place to dive and snorkel with this breathtaking creatures.

We are located at the most famous area for Whale Shark explorations. We are just 20 minutes away on a boat trip to these famous adventure.

Whale Sharks attract large numbers of tourists, divers and snorkelers each year to South Ari Atoll in the Republic of Maldives. Figures states the South Ari Marine Protected Area (SAMPA) alone attracted more than 77,000 tourists in 2013

Co-author and a director of MWSRP James Hancock said  “The Republic of Maldives hosts one of few known year round aggregation sites for whale sharks. We have seen that they have become a major tourism draw to South Ari atoll, but we didn’t expect these big numbers,” 

Maamigili is one of the inhabited islands of Alif Dhaal Atoll.  Population of the Island is around 3000 people. Major economic activities of the residents include fishing, handicraft, tourism related works, construction, boat building and carpentry. 

Whale Shark Inn Swim With Whale Sharks Manta Rays In Maldives at Whale Shark Island Maamigilii  

Villa International Airport Maamigili, also known as Maamigili Airport, is an airport in the Maldives. It is located on the island of Maamigili Island. Flyme provides daily flights from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Male') to Maamigili Airport serving both the locals and Tourists.

The airport opened on October 1, 2011 as a domestic airport. In 2013, it was upgraded to international airport standards.

Whale Shark Inn is a tourist guests house with four rooms. We simply wants tourists to enjoy Maldives at a lighter and a simpler concept. Light to your pocket with a luxury experience of enjoying the beauty of Maldives at an affordable price.

We have double rooms with attached bathroom with Air condition, hot and cold water shower and other amenities. Please refer accommodation tab for more detail.

Almost every local island in Maldives is blessed with a sandy beach, a lagoon and a house reef.  By snorkeling in Maldives, you can also see sharks, turtles, and anemones, schools of sweetlips, eels, octopus and rays. These marine life species abound in the waters of the Indian Ocean. We are located at the heart of this breath taking marine environment.

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